Texas4x4.org 10th Anniversary
Midnight FourWheelers Annual Run 
Trees Ranch - Oct 2012


You can classify this run into 2 categories:

Wheeling and After Wheeling!!

The after wheeling was a blast.  Being the Texas4x4.org 10th Anniversary Run and the Midnight FourWheelers Annual Run made it even more raucous than normal, with the help of some excellent homemade apple pie moonshine!  We all enjoyed each others company and getting to know who is behind their screen names.  The burn ban was lifted, and the weather was cooler, so hanging out by a roaring campfire was where everyone wanted to be!  Friday night Fish Fry provided by Kenny’s Texas4x4.org was delicious and bountiful.  Saturday night raffle, put on jointly by Texas4x4 and the Midnighters was HUGE!  And the prizes were amazing - GoPro camera, 2 winches, awesome wooden double door cooler, all kinds of wheeling accessories, custom made shift knobs and diff covers, gift certificates to PSC and other vendors -- more things I can even remember -- even flying tshirts and shot glasses!!  Something for everyone!

These two groups of people - Texas4x4.org members and the Midnight FourWheelers - are the best bunch of wheelers you could meet.  Being part of them is having a contact in every corner of our state and even beyond!  Need help on the road?  More than likely any of them would give you a helping hand if you asked.  That is what it is about.....promoting the sport and each other.

Now about the wheeling!!  As always Trees Ranch trails deliver!  Each one of us has our favorites, no matter the level of experience or rig.  There is something for everyone - IF you are prepared to REALLY be offroad.......this ain’t no mall crawl.  There are trees and more trees to scratch, dent, and remove pieces of your rig.  (and that is on the ranch roads!)  The rocks, ledges and hill climbs are challenging, fun and yes even dangerous if you make a mistake or take a bad bounce.  Turkey Run Left was the big carnage winner this run.  Two rigs found themselves wheels up looking at sky.  Thankfully no one was hurt ....physically anyway!  Trail breaks were out there also......Widow Maker handed Val a broken right hub, fixed it, then immediately broke the left!  Mighty Mouse entrance bent a rim and the wall took out a front axle.  Turkey Run Left wasn’t finished being mean, so he ripped out a shock mount to let a spring fall out.  And these were just in our group!  They say if you aren’t breaking - you aren’t having fun.....well for me.......I want my cake and full tummy too!


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