Trees Ranch - Labor Day 2012

Well, mark down another excellent weekend at Trees Ranch!  A tiny bit of cloud cover helped the temp to be just below scorching.

The ranch was open for wheeling on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - and we took full advantage of this Labor Day run!

Another great thing about this event is the racing!!!  Drag races were once again held in the flats at the campground.  Everyone just gathers around and whoever wants to race lines up.  Fred took the tape first on all his challenges, so he was dubbed Drag King.  Bob came in second, so guess that makes him the Drag Queen. 

The other highlight of the weekend was the return of the King of Trees Race.  The course covered flat track, hill climbs, nose dives, and rock ledges!  Great fun to watch the GoPro footage and get an idea of being in the drivers seat!  This movie is of previous winner of King of Trees Race, Fred , in his own built buggy. 

Way to go Fred!

Here is spectator footage of Doug, this years winner of the King of Trees Race.  He does a great job in his Jimmy’s 4x4 buggy.  Look at that run to the finish line!!  Way to go Doug!

BTW - hope to see him in the next King of Hammers Race in Johnson Valley, CA.

And yes, we did actually do some rock crawling this weekend also!  We did all the extreme trails, but were having so much fun, we didn’t do much video or picture taking, except for our favorites:  Mighty Mouse, I Scream Sunday and Widow Maker. 




This area will be on the Trail Map for the October 2012 run.  It is a playground with numerous choices of ledges to play upon.