Trees Ranch - April 5/7, 2013


There are so many different aspects to a vehicle that make it perform at its best ability.  And tires are just one part of the equation.   We had literally worn all the rubber off the Irok stickies, so back on Blue Balz went the old SX2 ‘s .  This time they are on 10” rims instead of 8” however.   And Plum Crazy, the rig in constant progress, was going to now have some spankin‘ new BFG Crawlers on Trail Ready wheels.

After wheeling the weekend, I can definitely say I WAS SPOILED with the stickies.  I was finding it necessary to use more pedal on pretty much every obstacle.   So I am still out on liking the tires.....I think I will just need some more time to adjust my driving style to make them happy and me successful.  I will grant some (re)break in time,  but being denied is no fun!

As for Artie and Plum Crazy, I have to admit I was both proud and envious of how easy things looked when he aced every obstacle.  But he pretty much did that already without those new tires !  He has spent uncountable hours out in the shop getting that little Toyota fine tuned - inside and out.  And it is working great!

I totally understand wives that might feel “ignored” when the hubby spends so much time out in the garage.  But I don’t mind at all - because I love this sport!   My dear husband works hard all day then spends pretty much all his free time out in the shop tweaking, improving, upgrading, repairing and maintaining two vehicles.  There is always something to do!   And if I get lonely?  Well, I just sashay out to the shop and dance with him to several of the songs  rocking out while he works!  Keeps us both happy!

As far as a trail report: 

Turkey Run Left was a beast this go round!!  It seems to be getting harder and harder.  At least this time there were no complete rollovers.....but there was a side flop.  And a hub break.  And a winch pulled for me.

We had a cluster on Stairway to Heaven.  About the time Artie  badly pulled a tendon in his calf, lugging a rock to fill in a sink hole for me, Val sheared 4 bolts on the rear drive shaft flange and broke a front hub.   Snap!

I Scream Sunday was spanked by Leroy and Dott, adding them to the small group that have conquered this trail.   Artie put PC in low low gear (223 to 1) and walked it, as did Val also.

Bob got the chain saw buzzing, clearing Ram’s Horn, a short loop off Goat Head and one called Drumstick off Turkey Run Left (after the first ledge).  He has marked another whole ravine, so look for some good stuff happening  in the Goat Head Creek area. 

Val proved it wasn’t just a fluke and mastered Schitzu Self again.  No other takers for this one yet!