Trees Ranch - Feb 15/17, 2013


When newbies ask us “Ever roll over in that rig?” - we have always been able to say no.  For as long as we have been wheeling, and wheeling hard, we have always been careful and lucky.  But in reality, when you challenge yourself and your rig to do incredible things, put yourself out on the edge, do things just below stupid - it is only a matter of time before the stars misalign out of your favor.   That is what happened this weekend.

Actually, it was more like the rock gods threw a sucker punch.   The trail is called Certifiable - a playground with a series of about 4 options.   Artie is behind the wheel and picks the left, most extreme spot.  The tires hook up well and begin to crawl the wall.  The right side is pretty light, but all is well.  When the driver front tire crawls over a loose rock, only to have it roll out from under the tire, it drops the driver side into a crack.  With the front end already light it has nothing to do but follow down and over.  Artie gives the quick reverse maneuver, but it is too far gone.  Over he goes making a 3/4 roll.   All is well as he pops up out of the rig like a prairie dog.  On inspection we see everything has done its job very well and the only damage is the dented passenger door frame and a broken heim joint on the rear axle.  Before too long with the help of friends he is fixed and back on the trails!

In other exciting news, Bob has added an extreme challenge called ShihtZu Self.  And that pretty much sums up how insane it is.  Val was kind enough to volunteer to be the guinea piggea......we thought he was nuts, but darn if he didn’t finesse right up that cliff!  I think I will need several others to watch before I put my wheels up there!  This will be another great addition for the extreme side of wheeling - the low and light buggy boys should love it!

This was a club run for SAJE so we spent some time getting to know new members, cooked an awesome meal for everyone, and listened to trail stories as the wind blustered like a banshee.  Trees Ranch may not be the easiest place to get to, or the place with 5star accommodations, but once you get here it delivers high marks on wheeling fun!