I love to feed the birds, but I don’t want them to go hungry when I am gone on vacation!

This project uses recycled, reused items:  old mesh bird feeder, 5 gallon bucket, funnel, duct tape, old squirrel shield, all thread rod with several nuts.

Place small end of funnel (large mouth is best) in the center of the bottom of the bucket.  Mark hole onto bucket.  Cut this hole out, just a bit larger, so the funnel, when placed in the bucket , protrudes just slightly.  Place funnel in bottom of bucket.  If it is not the same width as the bucket, use duct tape strips to fill in this gap in a smooth fashion. 

My old wire mesh feeder (consisting of the base, mesh and roof) was put together with an all thread.   I traded for one long enough to now include the bucket and roof pieces.   Secure the all thread to the base with a nut inside and out.  Place mesh onto base.  Thread the all thread through the hole of the funnel and place the bucket on the mesh.  I used an old squirrel shield as a roof over the bucket, then topped it off with the old roof of the original bird feeder.   My husband welded a ring to the nut that finishes off the top, holding it all together and giving it something to hang.   For extra security, he also screwed the top to the mesh to the bottom of the bucket.  A coat of spray paint on the bucket finishes it!

Fill the bucket with your  bird seed, allowing it to funnel down into the mesh feeder.  Continue filling till the bucket is full.  As the birds eat, the feed in the bucket keeps the mesh filled.  Or at least till the bucket is empty......then it is time to come home from vacation!

Note:  To keep the feeder from turning in the wind or with bird activity - and possibly unscrewing the hanging ring - I tether the feeder.