Trees Ranch and K2 Memorial Weekend 2013

Memorial Weekend Adversities

Let’s just say this weekend was full of challenges - and I don’t mean the rock obstacles!  Pouring down rain, RV’s stuck in the mud, food poisoning, and the most extreme trail break we have ever witnessed.

But being Memorial Day - did we really have anything to complain about? 

So it rained.....not like we were in the jungle of Viet Nam, being soaked by rain and steaming heat every day. 

So we had mud .... not like we were in trenches ankle deep in mud in the middle of a French winter. 

So one of us had food poisoning......not like we were locked up in a POW camp shrinking to skin and bone being starved to death a day at a time. 

So we had a bad trail break....not like we were stuck in the middle of the Iraqi desert relying on our mechanic skills to save our lives and those of our comrades. 

No, we had nothing at all to complain about and everything we had to be grateful and thankful to the military veterans who experienced the worse adversities and sacrifice of life for our freedoms.   We HONOR and REMEMBER all our Veterans this Memorial Day weekend!


The plan was to spend a split weekend between our two favorite parks - Trees Ranch and K2.  That was the plan.  But Mother Nature packed a punch and dumped 4+ inches of rain at Trees Ranch, so we mudded out of there without wheeling at all.      It was some serious fun getting the rigs up the slight incline out of the slippery mud!

We arrived at K2 mid afternoon, still overcast, but with no rain falling.  The sandy soil and granite rock is more forgiving in wet weather than limestone and mud, so the easy trails were pretty much the same.  The large obstacles were a different story.   With no way to avoid the puddle of mud at every obstacle entrance, it was a challenge just getting the tires up.  With determination (and a lot of extra time) our favorite trails and obstacles were run (I opted to watch most of the time since I was struggling like a floundered fish).

A brief shower on Saturday didn’t keep us from heading out once again.  You know that saying...“it’s all fun till the crying starts”?  Well cry we did when Larry suffered a huge break on King of the Hill trail.  Broken inner axle, outer axle, u joint, and knuckle,is a lot to cry about!   A call is put out to Randy and the use of his on board welder.   Welding cast iron is not easy under the best of conditions, so we know that a trail weld might not be effective.  But Maverick gives it a try anyway.  When it all gets put back together, it only makes about 20‘ before the knuckle caves again.   On to Plan B - Tow the rig back to camp - without a wheel.  The video explains it all visually with a great commentary by Val, so I won’t go into detail.  Redneck Towing pretty much sums it up anyway.   We let the days problems melt away as we play “CornHole”  (thank you Maverick) and dance/listen to Aaron Navarro Band.  The whole Kruse family got into the act.....Randy singing on stage, Elaine serenading us with some Patsy Cline, and Jerry dancing up a storm - or should I say some clear skies!  The tasty Apple Pie Moonshine made by Elaine Kruse was scrumptious!


Sunday’s challenge is to get the mangled rig onto the trailer for home.  Again, the video documents how a well choreographed winch can make this happen.  Well done Redneck Towing!!  Most of the group did Smokin’ Butthole, while I choose Broken Lizard (crack to the left of butthole).  Then Dolphin, King of the Hill Wall and Crackd Core.  Then a shortcut over Screamin’ Meemie (everyone said it was NOT a short cut, but hey, there was a wall to climb!) so we could end the day at Fred Fencestone.  The sun sets on a broken lockout hub for me and broken u joint and axle for Jeff.  Darn it - back to wrenching!

SIDE NOTE:  Just want to say thank you to my Artie for helping me put out all the new trail signs I made - 48 of them!!  We did hear comments that the signage improves navigation with the map.  We just want to make it better for everyone and keep the wheels turning!  Come see for yourself! 


Seth on Bus Stop on SCHOOL BUS


Dennis on Bus Stop on SCHOOL BUS

Maverick on Fred Fencestone on FENCELINE


Just call me Flounder