K2  -  Sept 28/30, 2012

Well one thing can be said for this weekend at K2  -- there was absolutely no dust and it wasn’t 110 degrees!  And it was wonderful!

Since we still have real jobs, we worked half a day on Friday and pulled in to K2 early afternoon.  There was not a speck of rain at this point, so those who could arrive to wheel a full day on Friday had the best of conditions.  The clash of the titan fronts came in around 9:15pm with a steady drizzle. 

Saturday morning was still sprinkling and it did so off and on all morning.  Around noon however the sun came out and steamed the rocks dry.  We decided to start off with an easy one, School Bus, and see just what we could do.    Artie and Maverick even made the wall, Bus Stop, with no problem, so we moved on to the next level.   King of the Hill was messy, but still tons of fun.  The King of the Hill wall was done in a heavy drizzle, but Artie made it in Plum Crazy rather effortlessly.  Maverick gave Dolphin a shot while Matt tried out his new Pit Bull tires on the KOH wall.  Next was Cyclops, just around the corner.   We blew  through the gatekeeper of Cyclops, with Jack making it look especially easy in his reliable rig DeJaVu.  Then Maverick noticed Artie’s u joint cap on the rear drive shaft had come off.   The trail fix was 1 1/2 hrs, but at least it was when the sun came out!    Lunch back at camp and then quickly back on the trails to make up for lost time.  Skinny Minny was up next and darn it was a bugger at the top of the first leg!  All but Maverick, first in line, had to winch.  We finished 2nd leg of Skinny Minny , but as the wind picked up, the temp started dropping and the rain continued, we declared it beer-thirty and returned to camp without finishing the 3rd leg. 

This was a club run for SAJE, of which we are members, so this means the evening meal is on them!  We stuff an all you can eat BBQ meal with all the trimmings provided by the Trailgater Cafe.  They do an awesome job of everything they cook!  We finish the day out of the rain in the motorhome with a rousing game of FARKLE  and emptying a jug of Apple Pie Moonshine!

Sunday sent us up Devils Draw  (...now that just sounds wrong...) to the trail Little Debbie, taking the harder options when possible.  At “Slip n Slide” wall, we do just that!   Forward momentum or not, backwards was the main direction!

This weekend proved that even in the rain  there is much fun to be enjoyed at K2!