K2  -  May 3/5, 2013


For any of you who have seen the  Christopher Walken “Need more Cow Bell” skit on SNL, you have a pretty good idea of the craziness  we all had this weekend - with a little help from a jug of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey!  4Wheel Parts/Fort Worth sponsored an awesome time - great bbq meal, super raffle and great music with the Aaron Navarro Band.   It was so nice to enjoy the great music, crackling heat of the enormous fire pit, and passing of the Fireball.  Need more Fireball!!

Attendance was slim, so we seemed to have the place to ourselves.  Artie’s Plum Crazy is making all the hardest obstacles look like nothing.....but  with the extra light rear end, it is pretty dicy when it comes to downhill!!   I gave up on the crack of Smokin‘ Butthole to do the right side butt cheek.  When you look at it from the top, it is still a pretty tough one!   The tires are working well enough - my only frustration is the anchor of a diff I have!  A good shaving is in the works for next round of improvements.  But all in all we are very happy with both rigs performance.

I think we both agreed that the trail Ripper’s Run  proved to be the most fun this time out.  Super straight up, notch at the top, off camber exit.....it gives a good adrenaline rush!  We will be adding another optional obstacle in this area, also.  There is a tall ledge on the exit side of Ripper that should be a quick, fun challenge.  Look for the sign “Old Yeller” and try this one next time out.   FYI - The author of the book Old Yeller,  Fred Gipson, was from Mason Texas. 

Pretty Cool huh?

Next time you are at the ranch you will see the addition of obstacle signs.  I tried my first attempt at freehand plasma cutting....and ended up very pleased with these rustic galvanized ovals.  Not the detailed torch work our business, Quality Ironworks, does on a daily basis, but  appropriate for the hard core sport we love.  Thanks goes out to Artie for installing them on Friday instead of having fun wheeling.  Drilling into granite is not an easy task....but he is always so willing to do the hard part of all my pet projects.  We immediately got good reports from folks who used them and the map to know where they were on the ranch!

I am updating the map after each run to the ranch.  Actively establishing new trails,  recent additions are:  Mini Cooper, Bluebonnet Gang, Most Wanted and  Woodstock.