K2  -  April 12/14, 2013

The granite was great for this April run! 

We got a late afternoon start on Friday, but squeezed in both work and play!  We had made the trail sign for Cwazy Wabbit last year, but was just now taking the time to install it.  Finding a sturdy tree branch to hang from, the skull and crossbones rabbit is now marking this heavy hitting trail.  I struggled on the formidable gate keeper so much I actually backed off and let Larry give it his  chance.  Well he made it.....so of course I was game to give it another shot.  With no one waiting behind me, I spent some more time getting my diff to clear just exactly where it needed to be, and was finally able to get beyond this point.  The remainder of the trail has some pretty good obstacles and always gives us some fun. 

The evening weather was perfect for a campfire, so we relished in it - realizing the next run would probably be too hot for this pleasure.  The Honey Creek Tailgaters made some great cheeseburgers for dinner and our cooler was providing some really cold beer.  All is well this wheeling weekend.

We head out to Hannibal Lector first thing Saturday morning.  Artie is still testing out the Toyota and it is doing great - just slips a little bit on the main ledge.  I am next and surprisingly I don’t have too much trouble.  These SX2 tires I am using now like the granite a little more than limestone.....but what tire doesn’t?  Larry and Gary take the traditional line, then Randy and Casey approach it from a bit more to the left of center - successfully, but  with tense moments.   We traverse the top of the ridge and exit at the entrance to Cwazy Wabbit.  Randy and Casey have never been on this trail, so we point them to the gate keeper. 

Cwazy Wabbit is a very challenging trail, and proves destructive for  Gary.   He broke his front right axle Ujoint and front drive shaft Ujoint at the transfer case.  For the remainder of the day he is my passenger.  We  continue wheeling doing several of our favorite obstacles.  Larry and Artie made Smokin’ Butthole.  I had to concede to doing the right butt cheek.  In the last section of Skinny Minny, Artie breaks a bierfield and stripped the splines off the inner axle and the locking hub.   That is when we retired to the fire pit and beer.  




Sorry! No cooking this trip!

Honey Creek Tailgaters did

the work!

Top of Hannibal Lector

CWAZY WABBIT gate keeper