K2  -  Feb 1-3, 2013

2013 Season Opener was GREAT!!

K2 started their new hours, opening the gate at noon on Friday.  When we arrived around 2 there was 2 in line to register and bunches of rigs already set up.  Everyone is like us --- READY TO WHEEL!   Enough hunting season - let’s do it!

The campground was filled with all manners of rigs and campers......jeeps, toyotas, zukies, broncos, buggies and other  contraptions not able to put a name to!

We hooked up with a group (Fred, Maverick, Gary, Dennis, Jeff and Robert) and got to the trails as quick as we could.  Started towards the back at School Bus  Trail, then on to Fenceline Trail doing the obstacles Bus Stop, Fred Fencestone, and Hang Man.  Then over to Lil Debbie Trail hooking up on the obstacles Triple D, Escalator and Skyline.   As the sun was setting we took the NoseDive exit and headed back to camp.   The evening was spent around the fire pit, tasting moonshine flavors and listening to more rigs roll in. 

Cyclops Trail was on the early menu this Saturday morning.  At the entrance sits the obstacle Crack’d Core and was calling to us.....come to me.....you can do it.......give me a try.  So we just had to answer the call and whoa was that a trip!  I was first up and yes the sky was extremely blue this morning!  Even though our sticky tires are bald as a Marine in boot camp - those things just still hook up and it crawled that sucker!  Only thing is, I celebrated too early at the top and got my diff caught up and needed a tug to release me out of its clutches.  You would think the wall would be enough challenge, but the exit is no picnic whatsoever.  It drops off quickly into a deep hole that smashes your front end into the ground.  Once out of that, you straddle a couple of fins that could not be any further apart.  Everyone who tried it made it , so today was starting on a great note!  After the first leg of Cyclops Trail we split the group on Skinny Minny 1 and Ripper’s Run.  We had never done Ripper and it is a good one!  After a lunch back at camp, Train Wreck Trail was next.  Have you ever done Train Wreck?  Ya, you bet it is a good one.  Those downhill spots are pretty drastic!  And certainly live up to the wreck part of its name!   We thought we would do Hannibal next but traffic was on it, so we went up Devil’s Draw to Cwazy Wabbit.  Yes, it is my trail and yes it is pretty wicked.  Short and sweet - just like me.   Next - King of the Hill Trail was busy, so we went around to the King of the Hill Wall.  Maverick, Fred, and Gary get caught in the net with Dolphin, right next door.  Can you say pucker?  An off camber turn on the wall makes this one challenging and the top ledge pushes you to the cliff side where the real estate runs out quick!

With a short wheeling day on Sunday (all rigs/campers must be out of camp by noon) we want to catch a few we had to pass by on Saturday.  Before we do this, however, we do some mapping of the new trail “Dark Side”.  The Early Bronco Club has just a bit more to do to get it ready.   The trail will be extreme hard core - so if you like it rough, bring it on over to the Dark Side!  The obstacle Back Door will be pretty insane!  Stay tuned....... Hannibal Lector is always a thriller, and again it didn’t disappoint.   With just time enough for a quick one we check out King of the Hill Trail again.  We should have left it be.......At the very, very, very last rock to crawl out of the hole, we get squeezed in tightly - breaking an axle - which breaks the detroit locker - and somewhere on the way home we loose the drive flange with a piece of axle!  Two weeks to get 2 vehicles rigs ready to roll at Trees Ranch!  Catch y’all later - Artie is in the shop working!!  




Sorry! No cooking this trip!

TRIPLE D obstacle

SKYLINE obstacle

CRACKD CORE obstacle



DOLPHIN obstacle